7 Best Places to Stay in Chitral, Pakistan

7 Best Places to Stay in Chitral, Pakistan

Are you planning to visit Chitral? Can I ask you why? 

 I guess you are Stucked. But don't worry.

 Read this blog till the end to get in-depth information about Chitral visiting places and also the best hotels in Chitral.

When you see a valley of high beautiful mountains and roaring rivers, name it Chitral. 

Chitral is the valley of flowers. Some of the world's most beautiful attractions are located in Chitral valley. I repeat, "world's" most beautiful sites. 

Chitral is the northernmost district of Pakistan. More than half of the valley is covered by mountains and glaciers. 

It is a blend of thousands of beautiful sceneries. It has the highest mountains, most dangerous glaciers, beautiful meadows, and rivers. 

Chitral is famous for its natural beauty and precious culture. Simple and straightforward people of Chitral are very helpful and hospitable. 

Besides all these, there are thousands of reasons to visit Chitral valley. This valley has its own class of unique beauty.

Whether by its culture or its nature, Chitral is unique.

The best time to visit Chitral is from April to October. At this time you can have the most romantic views with very ease. 

Because of the hard weather of Chitral, most of the tourists visit Chitral valley during summers. 

Some of Chitral most visiting places are 

Tirich Mir

Kalash valley 

Booni Chitral

Garam Chashma Chitral

Shandur Pass

Chitral Gol National Park

Ayun Valley


Tirich Mir

The highest peak of the Hindukush or Hind raj mountain range, Tirich Mir, is also the highest in the world after the Himalayan_Karakoram range.


Tirich Mir always keeps its eyes on the Chitral town. Its height is about 7,708m from sea level. It can be seen from the roof of the houses and balconies of the hotels there.

Tirich Mir has covered itself with the blanket of snow. And it remains covered all over the year.

This beautiful white mountain reflects an unexplainable and rare golden color when sun rays hit the snow at dawn and dusk.
This rare scenery tends thousands of tourists to visit Tirich Mir and capture the moment. 

Tirich Mir was first climbed by a Norwegian expedition, led by the famous Arne Naess in 1950. 

The average temperature of Tirich Mir lies from -17.5 C  to 6.5 C. So in this hard to bear temperature, visitors must have a variety of clothes and shoes. 

Kalash valley

Rare People live in Kalash valley. Kalach people have their own unique culture and lifestyle.

Their language is unique, their dresses are unique, in fact, the whole valley is different from the outside world. 

This uniqueness has made the Kalash valley a very important tourist attraction site. Moreover, the people are lovely and hospitable, so everyone loves to visit Kalash. 

Kalash valley is comprised of three smaller parts which are 
Bumburet valley
Rumbur valley
Biriri valley

Bumburet valley

Bumburet valley is the largest valley in the Kalash region. It is the most populous valley in the region. We can reach there by Ayun valley road. 

Rumbur valley

Rumbur valley is situated in the north of Bumberet valley. This beautiful valley has preserved its beautiful ancient culture so well.

 Biriri valley 

In the south of Bumburet there lies the beautiful Biriri valley. It is the most sightseeing valley in the region. Many tourists visit every year there. 

These three valleys are the home to the animist Kalash people. Visiting Kalash may be your best tour in Chitral. 

Booni Chitral

In the northeast of Chitral town, Booni town is situated. This beautiful meadow attracts thousands of tourists every year.


Mastuj is the most attractive village in this valley other beautiful villages are Reshun, Parwak, and Oweer.

Parwak is the most colorful village in the world. It has autumns and springs at the same time. Many different colors of fruits make a blend of colors in Parwak. Must visit there to become familiar with colors.


Booni Zom is the most beautiful mountainous group in the region. The highest peak here is about 6,542m, which remained buried under the snow throughout the year.

Garam Chashma Chitral

Garam Chashma means Hot spring.

At the highest human settlement in the Hindukush mountain range, under the snow, there is a hot spring. 

This spring flows down the valley where the temperature remains minus, throughout the year.

The spring water emerges from underground having a temperature above boiling point.
Would you imagine this in reality?

This is how the whole of the Chitral valley is blessed. 

People use this water for the cure of different diseases. Surprisingly there is no scientific evidence in this regard. :) 
The hotels there has the facility of swimming pools. People use to swim there even in winters. 

This valley is also famous for trout fish. Pakistan's best trout are found there.
Must go there to enjoy all of these blessings by Allah Almighty.


Chitral Gol Nation Park

Apart from all the beautiful sceneries of Chitral valley, there is something more special for visitors in Chitral valley. 

Chitral Gol nation Park is of the most beautiful national parks in Pakistan.

We can reach there, after an only a 2-hour drive from Chitral town. 

This national park of Pakistan looks like a part of heaven on the planet. 
The park consists of several glaciers through which spring emerges and goes with the flow. These springs produce the utmost beauty in that area. 

Moreover, the Park is too rainy. Its weather provides a moment of real calmness. 

A great amount of Cedar or Deodar trees also make a class of beauty there. 

And the very special thing about the park is its vast biodiversity. 

The park has Markhor i.e the National animal of Pakistan which is currently an endangered animal on the planet. Siberian Ibex, Persian leopard, Snow leopard, Himalayan lynx, Himalayan brown bear, Himalayan black bear, and many other mammals are also found there. 



Birmoghlasht is that part of Chitral National Park, where the former Mehtar's summer fort is located. 

It is constructed in such a way that it can be seen from the whole of the city. 
Birmoghalasht also has wildlife huts and it is the best place to visit in Chitral's national park.  

Shandur Pass

Have you heard about the roof of the world? Let me assume that your answer is yes. 
Then what stopping you to visit the beautiful Shandur Pas. 

Between the beautiful peaks, there lies a vast plane area of Shandur. 

It is the highest and most beautiful ground in the world.
The world's highest polo ground is located at Shandur Top.

Shandur connects the Chitral with Gilgit Baltistan.

Every year a Polo festival is held at this ground where teams of Chitral and Gilgit show their expertise. This tournament occurs in July. On 9th July Gilgit vs Chitral final match is held.

 This Polo festival is held every year to welcome the Spring in Chitral and Gilgit.

Ayun valley

Greenfields and tall trees with a beautiful river cover the Ayun valley of Chitral. The whole valley is surrounded by high mighty hills, whose peaks look like they are talking to the sky. 

Ayun Fort Chitral is the most suitable place for visitors to stay there. 

This fort can provide a hundred views of million dollars at once. 

The main gate of the fort is made up of wood, which sometimes takes visitors back to the ancient era.

A great garden inside the fort also looks amazing. 
Imagine your window opens to the high white peaks covered with snow. This is what Ayun fort provides to visitors. 

There are many small and but beautiful sites to visit in Chitral like Nagar fort, Karambar lake, Shahi fort, and Chitral museum. Local tourists use to visit these places too. 

I have done my work. Now, it's all upon you, either you visit tomorrow or in a month. But, a question arises here. How to reach Chitral? 

There are three main routes which you can use. : These are:

Islamabad to Chitral 
Peshawar to Chitral
Gilgit to Chitral

Islamabad to Chitral

The best way to reach Chitral is by air. You can have the most scenic landing at the Chitral Airport.

Peshawar to Chitral

The drive of 14 hours is now reduced to only 7 hours from Peshawar to Chitral after completion of the Lowari tunnel.

Lowari tunnel is the longest tunnel in Pakistan and is 10km long. I recommend to chose this route to see this scenic tunnel.

Gilgit to Chitral

This route has its own class of beauty. From Shandur Pass to Chitral, you will only see the blessings of Almighty Allah.

 Although the road is not constructed well, the view and scenery will make you forget every other hurdle. 

Now if you have reached Chitral your next question would probably be where to stay in Chitral. 
No need to worry. There are many hotels in Chitral for a night's stay. 

3 best hotels in Chitral are
Darosh resort
Kalash continental hotel and resort
Gahirat Castel

Darosh Resort

Darosh resort is the most Scenic hotel in Chitral. it is located at Usiak road, Darosh. Their management is very well and rooms are decorated very well.

Kalash continental hotel and resort

This hotel is located on Bumburet valley road. Its prices are affordable and have very amazing management and food quality. 

Gahirat Castel

On the bank of river Kunar, with a green view all around, Gahirat castle is the best hotel for tourists. They have rooms with high quality and clean environment, with best views. 

Chitral valley is now accessible every season. Thousands of tourists visit there every year. So, if thousands of tourists are visiting. Why not you? 

Pack your bags and stay connected with us to share your experiences with us. :)



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    Dream place 💖💖💝


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